socceroos weakest link

Football Dec 04, 2022 07:18 PM
I been harsh on our GK in the past but he did it against France and now he has done it against Argentina in the knockout stages - he was our weakest link.

Don't forget at club level he is currently a bench warmer while our other GK is playing in the j league and making history there though didn't get picked in the squad, go figure.

Playing short balls against the likes of Mbappe and Messi is just suicide material. Play the quick counter attack longball would be the more pragmatic approach, and get it away from their attackers and make their defenders sweat. I can count on one hand the amount of times he has done this in the past dozen games. Its like he gets payed more if he gets more TV time, or something. Poser.

For us it's sport and for them it's employment.. and if he cannot do the basic stuff in his area of employment, replace him?! Just once, like after the France game, but no. Same thing happened with him in the previous two World Cups - it's like he has game time dibs on the GK role.

And if Redders wasn't brought in for the penalty shootout, we wouldn't be in this World Cup, because he is a ball watcher.

Against Tunisia and Denmark, he definitely earned his keep. But the big powerhouse teams seem to scare him for some reason.

Choking at the international level and never being replaced is a farce. The biggest grass roots sports in Australia is football, and this is the end product. And if we're gonna get handouts from the likes of sponsors or even state / federal government we need to bring our A game to the world, not whimpering fear based on what the other teams club level paychecks are like.. anyone can win on the day, even the underdogs. We live on that here and usually rise to the occasion and punch up, but not now.

Hopefully the next world cup will be without the Ange era try hards and we put a focus on the younger / better players for a change.

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