the gender inequality debate

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[email protected] Dec 01, 2022 10:22 PM

Always resurfaces, and is typically posted by a female.

Doesnt matter what aspect they are highlighting, i just step back and think okay: who has the highest suicide rates, homelessness, mental health, life expectancy etc etc.

Theres probably a womans support group to deal with my post too -- yes, i would not be surprised -- and us blokes are supposed to just carry on and harden the f up, right?

Just wanna remind the women (and their cucks) that feminism isnt equalism -- play fair or stfu.

Ill show some sympathy when there are no stay at home women, even though the kids have left the nest already. Who catch the bus to town and go for a bite and a flick. Then their husband comes back from work to wash, clean and cook himself.

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