smart phones required to admin the newer routers

Nerd Stuff
[email protected] Jun 21, 2024 07:32 PM
Not a fan of the way routers are being admined via smart phones these days - limited features and with the likes of Google Nest Wifi and such, i don't trust them with my personal data.
Easier to run a typical telstra gen 2 modem (technicolor variant) in the mix with my apartment area and be content i can use the web browser and have complete control root shell access if i wanna install custom apps. I just disable band steering and put my media streamers on the 5G side of things - i don't need wifi7 and all that hoo-ha right now. $30 2nd hand versus $500? Easy choice!
There is a way to get root access on the Google devices but i aint gonna bother with that as too much effort.
telstra technicolor gen 2 google nest wifi et al root access shell complete control.