england has a new queen

[email protected] May 02, 2024 05:52 PM
So back in the 1800s England helped the Turkish Province of Yunanistan secure independence. They went one further and helped set up royalty there too - it was a ruse and the initial ones were imported Bavarian royalty, then later Danish.
This was all done to do a formal / official bond between England and the affection they had for those pedo / boy loving ancient Greek philosophers, by marrying the late queen to one of them.
The irony is that the Greeks eventually had a referendum where they ousted said royalty and didn't want them there at all. You honestly cannot make shit up like this! But then again, there's a famous ancient battle where greeks fought on both sides of the war, so you kinda get the logic and reasoning, however dumb as it is.
british royality greek royalty yunanistan independence ruse facre motive.