lamb chops are overpriced

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[email protected] Apr 28, 2024 10:28 PM

Am i the only one thinking delicious lamb chops are overpriced here in Australia?! I could go for a short drive and find a flock of them lambs. The price per kilo, where a big chunk of it's weight is bone, is totally unAustralian. Same with pork.

It's like we are importing the meat (like we do with seafood / seasonal fruits too) and that's the reason for the inflated prices.

Beef and chicken prices are legit though.

Only bringing this up after looking at those recent 'buy directly from the farmers' ads and the prices aint that much better, unless you're ordering for an entire footy team, that is. Must be all that expensive grass they keep feeding them. Having said that, maybe the next time the seed farmers need a hand out, they can get it from the rich meat farmers?!

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