Netflix series Alexander The Making of a God

[email protected] Mar 21, 2024 09:33 PM

What a fanciful bit of entertainment... the use of cherry picked (pun) historians to make it look credible. I bet Eugene Borza is rolling in his grave.

Bit hard to write your own history when you were..

400 years under Roman rule, 500 under Ottoman, 100 under Slavic.. yet we are still the same people after the past 1000 years. The only thing that will fix all this BS is time.

There are many races throughout history that are known for their brutal arrogance but nothing and i mean nothing takes the cake like modern greeks and their lackeys.

greek logic:

Alexander the Great was greek,  not Macedonian..
Then we had the Alexander the Great was Macedonian by the nay sayers..
Then the modern greeks did a direction in the wind change and said Macedonians were greek lol

The Hunza - from Hunza Valley Pakistan. They are direct descendants of Ancient Macedonians that didn't come back from Alexanders quest into Asia due to tiredness, injuries what have you and lived there for over the past 2000 plus years.. test their DNA i guarantee you, you won't find a hidden souvlaki in the blood.

Netflix the Great - the making of a sod!

Macedonia Macedonians Ancient Macedonians Alexander the Great never north Hunza Valley always united time fixes bullshit.