i really dont know what to say

[email protected] Mar 19, 2024 09:19 PM

There are two doctors that saved my life -- both Indians.

The first operated on me to remove tumors/cists in my genital area as a toddler. Hasn't resurfaced since and it was in a spot where pubic hair eventually grew so i never been asked about it from partners in the past and present aka noone knows.

The second was the one that got me on specific innovative meds to deal with my post knee reconstruction mess -- i was 16 and had a life changing bungled operation that changed my life for ever for the worse and had to deal with depression, anxiety, chronic insomnia to name the main ones in this downward spiral. Even to this day 40 years later i am still on these meds.

I am indebted to both these Indian doctors, they were family friends and i (rip) miss them to this day -- had so much banter with them over the years and loved their views and philosophies; they were good folks.

Now days we all deal with telescammers, phishers, hackers, catfish, and such. The thing that irks me the most is that my vocational direction has been pretty much dried up because of all these Indian phone and email spammers.. they spam everyone including me on a daily basis pretending to be locals, where if you looked at email headers they clearly arent, and with mobile and home phones going digital they have local DIDs to masquerade as us, and work has been sparse to date.

I never engage and always move them to the spam folders, or block them on phone but it gets you thinking of how they scam and pretend to be someone local and you have to deal with them directly and also lose work as a result of their aggressive exercises too.

To say it frankly, i don't rate people from India too well -- nothing but trouble.

ty come again scammers email spam telescammers phishing hacking.