the theist god debate with lack of proof

Religious twats
[email protected] Dec 09, 2023 09:54 PM

i am no longer calling it the 'fictional book'. with the amount of hoo-ha coming out of theists, you need faith, or he works in mysterious ways, i am too dumb to read up on peer reviewed science, and there is no logic nor facts to go with it.. just beliefs; therefore, i am, from this point on, referring to it as the 'thick-tional book' with focus on the theist sheeple in a derogative way.

billions of stars in this multiverse and i assume a lot of exoplanets -- all it takes is one curious race more advanced than ours to send an alien via ufo to wash religion under the bridge. that is more probable than sheeple ever seeing their imaginary god.
The oldest known religious texts is the sumerian tablets and they allude to one of our theories of our existence. the aliens mixed primate dna with their own dna and made humans. Still more plausible than the fallacy of divine creation and that we're (and Earth) 6k years old when we have lead deposits that take a long time to develop and dino bones that carbon date millions of years.
theists atheists fictional debates man made religion god what god peer reviewed science whatever.