charity is a business model

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[email protected] Dec 09, 2023 06:49 PM
the first time i got bombarded by a charity group and they played guilt trips on me when i wasn't interested in parting ways with moola, i got a little agitated and said, how much does your CEO get payed? And are you working for free? And such and they effed off.
My favourite one was every year some guy from melbourne was collecting donations for police officers charity -- 'sif i'd do that; he did this every january for four years straight and it took that long for me to be honest and tell him what i thought of police officers.
I recently took a whole bunch of stuff to local Salvation Army depo.. worth a few hundred dollars and some items in mint condition.. are they gonna give it away for free too? Nope.
charity charity business perks guilt tripped free stuff employment ceo gets payed by who or what exactly money makes the world go round show me the money.