NBNco to remove CVC requirement on 100mbit to gigabit speeds

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[email protected] Nov 14, 2023 03:03 PM

NBNco is removing the need for ISPs to have to purchase CVC on speed tiers 100 to gigabit AVC plans.

What does this mean? There should be one less contention ratio bottle neck soon. So essentially if your speed on these higher speed plans suck, then it's your ISP internet capacity, not the NBNco capacity they purchased, that's causing it.

Should also pave the way for cheaper higher tier speed plans too come December 1, but that is at the discretion of the ISP.

Ahh those early Labor days when they said FTTP, Gillard ousted Rudd, Libs won and then they started that heh stupid MTM (Malcolm Turdball Mess) NBN.

Funny thing is NZ was gonna do FTTN but saw that we were initially doing FTTP so they switched to this too. Then we receded to mixed technology which essentially meant sticking a bandaid on a polished turd. And to make is even more of a local farce, NZ doesnt have the CVC contention ratio on their fiber, so yeah NZ did everything right from the get go.

But it's okay Australia has had to throw money in the fire first before they got it right, pay their mates, ignoring local industry experts and the appropriate course of direction and action.

Billions thrown into the fire, yet noone is being held accountable - they do it because they know they will get away with it.

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