another womens world cup and another point of drama

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[email protected] Aug 29, 2023 07:30 PM

Last world cup, the Australian Mathilda's coach was sacked two weeks before the fifa womens world cup 2019 for reasons that were unsubstantiated and nothing short of inappropriate character assassination circumstances -- the Matilda players got on social media in support of him too at the time to no avail.

This time round the focus is on another male coach with that full face grab nonconsensual kiss of a player during the finals win. It wasn't Australia in the spot light again this time. It was the country where you can legally have sex with animals providing you don't injure them aka Spain. Figures.. he says he isn't stepping down but Spain's #metoo movement says otherwise including motions from their president and street rallies and FIFA itself. So much for winning that world cup eh.

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