tv broadcasters win while womens world cup paychecks are less than the mens

[email protected] Aug 16, 2023 04:54 PM
Matilda's versus England pre-game coverage starts at 7pm tonight. Don't be late for the 8pm kick off though. oi oi oi Making World Cup history while smashing broadcast viewer records.

Sadly, all the women participating in this World Cup wont be getting as much from the event as the men do though, and it has nothing to do with FIFA but more to do with the broadcasters scoring cheaper broadcast rights -- here, the general audience gets limited coverage on c7 and noone except diehard footballers has full (and payed) Optus Sports coverage (i sure as heck dont! And had to rely on other sources to watch the other games, didnt get all though) and we're hosting the damn thing! Similar stuff happened overseas rights-wise too apparently for this event.

I think some TV execs are gonna get a nice bonus to the detriment of womens football paychecks! And yes, SBS should have been the default home (they covered it when football wasnt as popular) for every game in Australia, FFS.

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