feminists are womens own worse enemies sometimes

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[email protected] Aug 16, 2023 01:37 PM

Just to add some context to my anti-feminist stance.. last Womens FIFA World Cup 2019, some feminists ruffled the feathers in our National Womens Team and caused instability. They didn't like the fact it was a male coach and spread lies and conjecture into the media and the prominent female journalists lapped it all up and shit hit the fan.

The National Team players got on social media and were pretty much WTF, and in total support of him, he was accused of some atrocious stuff btw.

This was just a two weeks before the tournament started last World Cup, and they brought in an interim female coach. The team failed miserably though as a result of all the focus on that drama and losing a good coach.

He moved on to another Womens national team and im not sure if he bled Football Federation Australia dry - i sure as heck would have sued them, and that specific person for character assassination; the facts were lacking and it was all hushed up later.

Womens football in recent times has had a movement for equal pay (to that of the men) and i thought that was progressive and interesting, so long as they get the viewer and participation numbers too, it was fair.

The Womens FIFA World Cup 2023 is currently running now and being hosted by Australia / New Zealand and is breaking all local sports viewer and attendance participation records here. The spotlight is on the women's football for sure, and we all cannot get enough of it. So kudos.

The current Matilda coach is another male again BTW, so heh.

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