i love white privilege some times

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[email protected] Aug 14, 2023 10:33 AM

Some times you get asked that question...

Where are you from. Answer is from here. No where are you originally from?

Its like being English is the answer too from the asker, they sure as heck aren't indigenous/ native to that island, and just have been there a few more generations than some, so whats the issue here?!

Same thing happens in Australia, sadly.

I distinctly remember the first time it happened to me in primary school. Talk about inclusiveness, and it was from a guy that moved to our school not one of the regulars i played football/cricket with though. Us and them mentality.

Me and my brother lived at the beach too. Even towards the end of a school year our dad would drop us off after school to the beach and we'd be body surfing or on a boogey board and such. In my twenties i had a custom surf board and was surfing per se. I wore surf tops thinking i earned the right to do it, then got trashed by some English Australian chick, like i had no right to do it, like English Australians invented swimming and surfing, or something.

i love lamingtons (though there some evidence it was first made in NZ but i digress), keep a jar of vegiemite (marmite came first) in the fridge, i love a good made pie and sometimes get dinner from the local fish n chips shop growing up and still do now -- again, what's the issue?!

It's okay if you weren't born in Australia to be our Prime minster though -- totally cool and normal eh?

english white privilege arseholes indigenous native.