[email protected] Aug 04, 2023 04:19 AM

So pay Floptus $30 p/m to view all games, or skimp on only the Matilda games with C7, yay? I chose the latter, whilst gritting my teef.

Football (no, not handegg) was and always should be a SBS gig -- they did the early hard yards and started it all when it wasnt in the lime light and glamorous, and  all these clowns with their various streaming offers over a bunch of different services can get stuffed.

Even with the glimpse you get on C7, what with Bruce McAvaney trying to stay relevant, is a cringe fest.

I aint buying it C7 nor Floptus, bring the game back home to SBS, FFS.

It's the biggest grass-roots game played by kids and the NTs get the least gov handouts, go figure... i bet every one of them, boy or girl, would watch if it was free.

football sbs fifa womens world cup 2023 live blah.