sometimes a simple isp migration is bungled by incompetent collective support

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[email protected] Jul 31, 2023 05:03 PM

There's a familiar adage when it comes to choosing an ISP: support, speed, price - pick two.

Today i chose speed and price and this aneurysm i am starting to develop since i started the ball rolling at 830am this morning with their support isn't resolved; mind you, a competent ISP can do a migration within 20 minutes. This has been phone/mobile ping pong for the past 8 hours minus a quick trip to get my kid from school.

To add salt to the wound, i am not migrating to a different ISP, i am migrating to my existing ISPs parent company. They are both on the same portal, and support from one ISP does support for the other too, so you can imagine my frustrations here.

Maybe this is karma hitting me like a truck because i ragged on the carrier fibre (Opticomm) for not having adequate/ on par AVC tiers compared to the NBNco over the past two years, shrug..

Almost there now...

isp opticomm support aneurysm head ache hospitality support are not nerds.