i remember when napster came out and the music industry melted

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[email protected] Jul 25, 2023 09:07 PM

i looked at it, i wont deny.. but when spotify came out i switched to the free version (with ads) and then premium sub - been on it for a long time now.

Thing is though, regardless of how much trickles to the end artists, i never bought many records or tapes growing up, and nope didn't even bother doing that whole snooping in record store boxes or shelves. i bought in total -- music items -- less than i can count on one hand and was just content with the radio when desired.

I remember when artists were reluctant to go digital, oh how things have changed, and for the better.

My preferred platform is digital, sure i could go free again but that doesn't suit me and my personal needs, and i have found over the years of linking the artists names to the songs i already liked, including learning the lyrics of them all. Have had so many boo-ya moments it's not funny! It's a happy medium for me now.

I'm eclectic by nature, so i listen to a diverse range of music.. i like all genres except for death metal, i wanna keep the few brain cells i still have, intact. ;-)

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