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[email protected] Jul 25, 2023 07:49 AM

So when my third child was circa five years old she was having a really late one. It was 10:30pm AND she wanted ice cream too.

Who am i to judge.. so as we were both sitting there eating ice cream i casually said to her so you think its okay to stay up late and have ice cream at this time?!

She said yes, and when i have kids, i will let them do the same!

I said ok cool with me.. and kept on eating next to her. Once done i put her to bed and called it a night too.

Every year or such i bring that topic up to get some giggles and so she doesn't forget the incident. As she has been getting older (and wiser) her stance is starting to shift on the topic towards a no way.

Sorry, but when she's and adult and has kids, i'm going to disregard what she says to do that sleepover night in terms of routine, and just stay up late and eat ice cream with the grand kids because mummy said its okay!

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