home automation and an example of how i utilise it

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[email protected] Jun 22, 2023 02:17 PM
I aint gonna lie: i am a big fan of the Home Automation movement. Its cool, it's free to run and the community is helpful and inclusive.

Here's just an example of what one part of mine does. I have a motor on each blind. That motor could be used to either open/close the blinds, or as i have done use it to swivel the dropdown curtains open/shut.

They also have wifi so i can talk to them.

I can voice activate an open/shut at any time. I can do it through the web panel, even when i am away from the house.

On my eastern facing apartment lately its been getting a little dim here after 5pm. So I have set up a Scene, where at exactly 5pm each day, it will automatically close the blinds and turn on the Living Room lights.

This is the kind of home automation i like to do. Set and slightly forget.
home automation scenes voice controlled devices wifi sensors home assistant.