the newspaper incident

[email protected] Jun 01, 2023 07:30 PM

So when we built our old house, i drew a hand curve in the dirt to mark where we were going to plant the rocks for the garden. The rocks were store bought from Albion Park, and over time like most rocks they started growing stuff and looking a lil bushy.

Flash forward to me reading the paper edition of the local newspaper and an item in the letter/ social area stating that insert my suburb, and a few of us there using bush rocks when they would be better off untouched and left in the bush for the critters to make us of there.

I was like WTF, this was a wollongong council parks (or whatever) employee ragging us. Why point and yell rather than approach and find out where we BOUGHT them, to figure out the the sustainable approach used. They were boring rocks at first, but twenty plus years kinda does that to rocks, green fluffy mould and all.

wollongong council environment sustainable home rocks store bought fuck you.