so much logic in theism

Silly news Jun 12, 2023 03:34 PM
Have you ever really thought about the anglicised names the middle eastern apostles had like Andrew, Peter, John, Thomas and Simon who followed the only white skinned dude in that region?!
I'm sure there's some logic to it, i just don't see it.. shrug, maybe it was their stage (read: acting) names.. and if he ascended to heaven why does he have a tomb? no bones there anyways.. and no he didn't die for our sins, he apparently came back after three days.. so technically, he gave up a weekend, with no wifi in a cave, for our sins right?!

Adam and Eve with their three only sons and the incest thing to expand the population.

Talking snake and apples are forbidden fruit.

Noahs ark and the two of every species collaborative.

I was in single digit years, standing in the church looking at a portrait of Saint Lucy holding a plate with fleshy eyes on it and thought yeah nah this is kinda f'ed up, i'm out. Now, my dad was religious, he was the secretary and even the president of his church for many years and did so much work that they honoured him with life membership. He believed he was going to heaven, so i believed that for him too.

Of all the religions out there, each congregation thinks their religion is right and the rest are wrong.

However, i'm an Atheist.. i believe in one less god than most, and i don't think there's god or devil, nor a heaven or hell, its all just made up BS to control the delusional masses. We grow up from santa and the tooth fairy, can we do the same here too?!

These books were penned when we didn't know the Earth revolved around the sun so to speak; we have science and we know better now.. we don't need to fill the unknown gap with this tripe anymore, and a belief is not a fact.
religion christianity jesus apostles disciples sin saved heaven bullshit.