Moving to Mars

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[email protected] May 20, 2023 05:34 PM

One thing i am fond of is the motion to do planetary exploration by some high profile people/ companies out there, especially when the governments lack the motivation to invest monetarily to the cause..

Putting a focus on this as one pivotal factor in what makes up humanity would be better than investing in ways to kills each other more effectively/ efficiently.

It was hoped we got man on mars by 2024, though with covid strife and such, i dont think that's ever been feasible.

Though when it does happen, i seriously hope one part of the exploration is to blanket an array of flora seeds everywhere -- it will be a long while until its the new habitual zone environment - but hey, lets be known as the generation that kick starts this?!

And Mars has sun soil and water -- that's an ideal start. It wont happen in our lives but just imagine people commuting between these two potentially habitual planets in the future for work, leisure or fun.

To add some lyrics from 'Pink Floyd - Learning to fly':

'In to the distance a river of black; stretched to the point of no turning back..'

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