plastic straws phased out

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[email protected] May 11, 2023 09:09 PM

I can understand we need to cut down on the plastics polluting our areas including the ocean.

But do they have to disintegrate in half an hour?! Go to your favourite fastfood retailer (read: maccas) and get a large frozen drink with that silly straw.

By the time your half way there, your straw runs out of oxygen, and you're in airish tug of war with the purpose of that straw.

Make them biodegradable by all means, just slow down the optimisism.

Then you have Hungry Jacks, where they have completely phased out straws in favour for lids with a lip - yay, now i have to have faith the lid isnt gonna wiggle loose (whilst tilted) while driving in the car.. straws.. meh.

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