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[email protected] May 03, 2023 12:28 PM

Had one that catfished as a famous aussie porn star -- every day she would send me raunchy photos of herself. Each time upping the heat factor. So i looked up '<insert firstname here> pornstar' on google and ding ding ding. I caught the catfish out though, i asked her to send me a selfie of herself holding specific fingers up and they got cranky and said i was trying to control them lol.

Had another that i met in person, she said she was an ocean swimmer, and i thought cool this is someone that may do the English Channel and such. Turns out ocean swimming for her is doing dumb laps in a 2 b 4 metre rock pool. We were supposed to go to an Asian restaurant for lunch but i told her i'd be a little late because something was up with my girls, so couldnt leave as yet. So after dip in rockpool she said cya and i thought okay thats a hit and miss so i moved on. Then over the course of a year she was texting me for nude pics in the wee hours of a morning, whether i was getting STDs from the other chicks, to mow her lawn and such - not sure if that was a euphemism though. And she followed me to two other dating sites. I told her to go away and she did, sort of.

Had another that approached me saying she had a dog just like mine, i said the breeder and she said the date they were born - both matched so yeah weird. She said she wanted more pics of the pet and such then she stopped talking so i just ignored her. She came back later, mind you she said she rid off her car and was getting a replacement in two weeks, i didn't bother continuing with this weirdo.

And if they say things like they want someone responsible, photos of someone way above your punching abilities, maybe a green card into Australia, a business venture with someone they can trust worth millions, or to take this to mobile or email via external chat when all you said was a greeting, then run for the hills.

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