Genetically modified email servers outlook hotmail live

Nerd Stuff
[email protected] Apr 16, 2023 08:02 PM
Why the f do people still use hotmail/ for emails?!?!
welp im done with microsoft outlook/live/hotmail. The admins that run them mail servers are evil fucks.
They use an IP Reputation system on any incoming email servers. You are on the block list by default.
I spent none months trying to get them to lift my two server bans.. i did it and now im on that f list again.
They have, and still do, banned business subnets of ISPs, hosting networks, and such and here's one from EA GAMES support:
**Please be advised that currently our emails are not being received by Microsoft domain emails. This results in our responses not reaching your inbox when contacting us using Hotmail, Outlook, etc. We recommend using a non-Microsoft domain email to contact support for billing or technical assistance.**
Fuck microsoft, their mail server admins, i hope they all get malignant cancer this xmas.

If you use microsoft as your email provider, please stop and use something internet friendlier like gmail or apple mail, or anyone else thats free for that matter; that is, use something that is free (sure) and completely productive and functional. microsoft fuck microsoft deeznuts microsoft IP Reputation evil mail server admins