Assistance required on aisle twelve

[email protected] Apr 11, 2023 05:07 PM
Woolies support pissed me off a few months ago regarding a reward that was a feature yet not working. I had to go through some BS to sort it. That and how their car insurance auto renews each year even if the renewal is substantially more moola than original policy.
Anyways had $300 worth of groceries in boot from Aldi, had to stop nearby woolies to get eggs, mandarins and an egg slicer. Got the first two and went to aisle 12 to find an egg slicer and as i walked into the aisle i saw to the right a fairly old guy slumped in the tissue area open shelf.
I asked if he was okay or needed a hand, he responded but was slurring too. I said i'll be back with help. Found staff nearby and she came but was clueless what to do. This young chick overheard me from next aisle saying he is unconscious and rushed there too.
So i called 000, told them where, Wollongong Woolies, and they asking silly stuff like main street and nearest cross street and my number. The bloke came too and said he didn't want an ambulance to come and i said to him mate you passed out and you have a heart condition history (based on what the young girl that may or may not be a medical student said to me while on phone) so at least let them check you out.
He was stable but the ambos hadn't arrived, young chick said you can go if you need to, and i remembered i got the perishable groceries in car from Aldis and did, but to my demise no egg slicer. I guess that's not why i went there though!
elderly unwell collapse unconscious heart condition fainting.