the pet beach incident

Silly news Dec 28, 2022 11:44 PM
I quite possibly met the dumbest person on this planet. Some Latin lady in her 50s acting like Bobb was stabbing her by being near her shouting 'i don't like it get it away from me' mind you scared of pets and sitting on the entrance / exit edge of sand dune at a dog beach.

Bloke further in and his wife leaving with their pet saw it all and he said "bit of an overreaction".

Why would you go to a pet beach if you are scared of them. logic train....

Tom Segura: you sound like you were being stabbed
Her: i hate pets
Tom Segura: well could you because you are making everyone uncomfortable at this dog beach

pets dogs chihuahua rat fear stabbed karen drama queen pet beach creating an unnecessary scene attention seeker