Thoughts or mantra
sam@illawarra.org Dec 28, 2022 06:36 PM

I am not a fan of people that get jealous of other people's success or good fortune.. life is too short to be butt-hurt about something or someone you have had no say, control over, or part in; and probably don't even know the sacrifice, struggle or even ease they did it in.

I like to think positive and aspire to that rather than rage in negative energy.

Whenever i see something or someone better than my circumstances or me: i smile, acknowledge it, have a happy thought, then carry on with whatever i am doing that day.

There is always someone better, faster, stronger, more intelligent than you, or in a a better position; that is - work, relationship, material possessions, monetary, et al.

life jealousy jealous people hatred yolo negative energy time wasting noggin exercises or ruts positive disposition happy thoughts acknowledgement.